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Leadership Giving

1965 Club Collage

De La Salle High School is built on a foundation of generosity. Today, De La Salle philanthropists are vital members of this community of support, with a unique perspective on the power of a De La Salle education. The De La Salle Annual Fund is one of the most important ways our community of parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends equip our students with exceptional resources. Annual Fund gifts have an immediate impact on every current student, through unrestricted support for De La Salle’s co-curricular activities, faculty development, and financial aid.

When you make a leadership gift to the De La Salle Annual Fund, you help create exceptional experiences for today’s students. Through your generosity, you open doors of opportunity to students from the widest possible range of backgrounds. In turn, each student brings to De La Salle different passions and perspectives, talents, and backgrounds.

Your gift also helps make it possible for the school to meet its mission to educate all qualified students. Leadership gifts play a critical role in filling the gap between the amount of financial aid that’s available from endowed scholarship funds, budgeted financial aid and the total need of today’s students.

The impact of your annual leadership gift is immediate and significant.

Leadership Giving at De La Salle makes the remarkable achievements of our school possible and ensures that students are given every opportunity to succeed in the classroom. De La Salle  appreciates the generous support of parents, alumni and friends at all levels of giving. Membership is given to those families who commit gifts of $1,965 or more annually.

The Leadership Giving is recognized based on annual giving to De La Salle from July 1 - June 30 each year. Your gift, along with your corporate match, will be combined for inclusion in the highest annual recognition society.

Leadership Giving Levels and Benefits

1965 Club Logo

1965 Club
The 1965 Club recognizes investments in the De La Salle Annual Fund totaling over $1,965 annually. Benefits include an exclusive invitation to our annual 1965 Club Reception and special quarterly communications from De La Salle Leadership so you may see the results of your investments in action.


Lasallian Society Logo

Lasallian Society
The Lasallian Society recognizes investments in the De La Salle Annual Fund totaling over $5,000 annually. In addition to benefits received at the 1965 Club level, exclusive benefits for the Lasallian Society include a special Leadership Round Table reception, and a comprehensive Annual Impact Report from the President.


Leadership Giving Q&A

For more information on Leadership Giving at De La Salle High School, please contact Vice President for Advancement, Mark Chiarucci at (925) 288-8106 or chiaruccim@dlshs.org or Director of Development, Karla Wiese at (925) 288-8195 or wiesek@dlshs.org.