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Alumni Endowment for Financial Aid

In 2003, the Alumni Endowment for Financial Aid was established to provide a lasting tribute from alumni to the School.

This endowment, benefits students of alumni in need of tuition assistance. In the event no alumni families apply for such support in any given year, a De La Salle student in need of tuition assistance is named. One of the top three endowments at the School, alumni are responsible for this endowment and help continue the legacy of excellence by giving back to the school that gave them so much.

De La Salle, because of its Lasallian educational mission, has been awarding tuition assistance to young men with financial need since its founding in 1965. 

Financial assistance goes right to the heart of the Lasallian tradition and what it means to be a Spartan. Your contribution to the Alumni Endowment for Financial Aid will ensure our tradition of providing a quality education to an economically diverse student body for years to come. Please consider a gift to De La Salle today.