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Brotherhood Fund

The primary mission of the Christian Brothers - and all Lasallian schools - is to educate students, regardless of their ability to pay for that education.

One in three De La Salle students receive need based financial aid, and while that helps with tuition costs, it does not cover many of the things that make the De La Salle experience so special for our young men.

In the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle, The Brotherhood Fund was established in 2007 to be a resource for students and parents of students who receive financial aid, so that they may experience the full richness of a De La Salle education.

The Brotherhood Fund enables all students to live the full De La Salle experience. Several hundred of our young men received Brotherhood Fund support this past year. Food, appropriate clothing for liturgies, prom tickets, fees for Kairos and other retreats, athletic uniforms, specialized calculators for math classes - all these are examples of everyday expenses which are beyond the ordinary reach of many in our community. The Brotherhood Fund helps families meet these needs.

Again, we ask humbly that you keep in mind our Lasallian mission, as you consider contributing to this key core value need.

Long live the Brotherhood!